IInternational arrivals


1,087 million is the number of tourist arrivals in the world in 2013. 

Latest data from the World Tourism Barometer released on January 20th 2014, shows that International Tourist arrivals mostly come from Europe, with 563 million people ( 52% of the world population) followed by the Asia and the Pacific ( with 248 million people, 23 %), America’s (169 million, 16%) , Africa ( 56 million, 5%) and the Middle East (52 million, 5 %).

This strong performance of + 5% in 2013 represents the fourth strong year in a row of international tourism growth, which gives an absolute optimistic touch to the state of tourism as a generator of jobs and as a driver for economic development worldwide.

Focusing on Europe, our continent led growth in absolute terms, welcoming an additional 29 million international tourist arrivals in 2013, raising the total to 563 million.

Emerging markets were key players in outbound tourism, with substantial growth expenditures in Turkey (+24%), Qatar (+18%), Philippines (+18%), Kuwait (+15%), Indonesia (+15%), Ukraine (+15%) and Brazil (+14%). Leading the way was China, which saw an increase in expenditure of 28% in the first three quarters of 2013 (and became the largest outbound market in 2012). Another important actor was the Russian Federation, the 5th largest outbound market, which reported 26% growth through September.

The forecasts and projections for 2014 see an increase of +4-+4.5 % of international tourism inbound.


Source: UNWTO press release