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We, the GreenHotels team, are COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION. Read more..

The CleanBlue is brand new. All resort beaches should be managed this way. Read more..

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We manage your business. We provide you services that can help you organize your business while reducing your costs.


Sustainable management takes the concepts from sustainability and synthesizes them with the concepts of management.

Sustainable Beaches

We have designed THECLEANBLUE. The first worlds benchmark for sustainability beach management and safety.

Sustainable Buildings

We offer sustainable design, construction and management advice for all types of building. Start today with an energy audit..

Sustainable Hotels

We started way back from 2004. Our project www.greenhotels.gr is well established. Now we move forward into sustainability.


How about taking training about sustainability. We offer online workshops in low prices… do you want more training ideas..


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