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Sotiris Milonas


About msolutions

Msolutions (www.msolutions.gr) is dealing with the promotion and application of sustainability in all economic sectors , through a myriad of projects ranging from Water Management, Energy Management, Waste Management, Beach Management to Fair Employee Relations, sustainability reporting and communications.

MSolutions (www.msolutions.gr) works with clients around globe to develop sustainable solutions to the environmental / social challenges and environmental legal issues they face. As one of the most experienced environmental and sustainability consultancies, msolutions adds value to its clients’ businesses by delivering solutions and innovation. Msolutions offers onsite and online consultnancy with workshops, training sessions, audits and fully comprehensive studies with the aim to help businesses embrace sustainable practices whilst reducing their costs and upgrading their corporate image within their local community and abroad.
Msolutions team comprises of highly trained and experienced professionals in environmental assessment and management, with over 15 years of experience in the field and a fierce commitment to promoting sustainability around the globe.