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Clean Blue© presents a unique opportunity for beach tourism. It is a vehicle by which a resort can demonstrate action on the issue of beach safety. It also does not conflict with any existing “hotel based” risk management, but should be considered as an essential complementary component thereto.

Clean Blue© ( is the first international beach risk management advisory scheme designed to minimise the beach tourism industry’s liability issues and to complement existing environmental management systems. This helps not only your client base in choosing their holiday destination, but also the resort owner, to help cover themselves against beach safety negligence claims etc.

Clean Blue© is the only beach safety risk assessment initiative of its kind that is designed to help resorts address beach/water sport related and beach construction/access related risks that often generate high media attention. It is also designed to achieve better market penetration for those companies who are accredited under the scheme. It also provides a clear beach user approach to devising beach furniture needs (comfort facilities) as well as appropriate signage and access point information that is compliant to international standards.

The following represent the market “products” to be developed and marketed to clients as part of the business plan approach for Clean Blue (these are in no particular order):

  1. Clean Blue (CB1) Assessments and Audits;
  2. Clean Blue (CB2) Education, Awareness and Training;
  3. Clean Blue (CB3) Engineering and Landscaping;
  4. Clean Blue (CB4) Market Penetration (Beach promotion);
  5. Clean Blue (CB5) Standards Implementation;
  6. Clean Blue (CB6) Surveys.

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